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9 Amazing Cakes To Keep You Warm This Winter

The cold winter months are heading our way and will soon be on us! You've probably bought a new coat, scarf, hat & gloves, stocked up on cosy blankets and have cranked the heating up. Another thing that people love to do during the colder months is bake.

So this got us thinking, with so many keen bakers out there looking for ways to keep warm and take their minds off the weather outside, the answer is cake! So here's our top nine list of amazing cakes that will keep you warm this winter. 

1    Whipped Eggnog Loaf Cake 

The Whipped Eggnog Loaf cake is the very essence of Christmas. It's made with eggnog, glazed with sweet icing & incorporates just a pinch of nutmeg. It really does look the part and we're sure any friends or family who come visiting, won't need any convincing to indulge in a heavenly slice.

2    Toasted Coconut Cake

If you love all things winter-related and coconut, then you're in for a treat. The Toasted Coconut Cake really does look scrumptious and the ingredients will only make your mouth water more. The winter white finished cake really does look amazing, and once you cut in to it, the coconut flavours will burst out the filling is moist, it's packed with a powerful coconut flavour made from coconut cream and can be topped with a sweet, creamy cheese coconut frosting.

 3    Walnut Orange Cake 

On a cold winter afternoon when you're tucked under a cosy blanket, reading your favourite book and are sipping on a warm cup of tea, all that is missing is a piece of cake - what you need is a slice of Orange Walnut Cake. This delicious and soft cake packed with an orange flavour and topped with orange drizzle, provides a warm aroma & takes your level of cosiness up. 

4    Gingerbread Cake

Everyone loves gingerbread and it reaches a new level of taste wonder when it's baked in to a delicious cake. A Gingerbread Cake is incredibly moist and will send your taste buds into over drive after just one bite. The flavours of spiced ginger, cinnamon, golden syrup and optional covering of warm custard, really does make for the perfect winter treat. 

5    Apple-Spice Layer Cake

There is just something sweet about the smell of Christmas. Everything is just so lovely at this time of the year and a big, beautiful and delicious cake definitely makes things tastier. The Apple-Spice Layer Cake really does scream Christmas joy and if baked at home will fill the house with a wonderful fragrance. This layered cake is packed with soft insides and a touch of shredded apple to provide the unique flavour. 

6    Winter-Spiced Molten Chocolate Cake with Rum-Ginger Ice Cream 

There is just something so appealing and appetising about a gooey chocolate cake it makes all of us reach for a spoon and enjoy the rich tastes. This Winter-Spiced Molten Chocolate Cake really is great for those chilly days, you can break the top in and watch with delight as the soft chocolatey insides oozes out & then enjoy the taste sensation, when mixed with the Rum-Ginger Ice Cream now that is perfection.  

7    Cinnamon Bun Bundt Cake 

Do you secretly long to eat cake for breakfast, without feeling bad about it? Well a Cinnamon Bun Bundt Cake may be your guilt-free answer. Baking a group of cinnamon buns into one big and scrumptious cake is a rather great idea, as it can be pulled apart and eaten with a cup of coffee, but can also be eaten at the breakfast table  - those cold winter mornings just got better.  

8    Duck Egg Cake with Rosemary 

If you love cake and want it now, then a Duck Egg Cake with Rosemary is the answer. This amazing cake can be put together in just a few minutes and tastes sublime. The soft insides crumble on to your plate when you cut in to it, and as you take the first bite you'll be hit by the great taste of duck sweet and rosemary and if you have a real sweet tooth, add an extra cup of sugar. 

9    Fresh Winter Fruit Cake with Caramel Glaze

The cold, dark nights have rolled in, but you're not worried as you have a Fresh Winter Fruit Cake with Caramel Glaze for company. Your taste buds are about the explode as they take in the many different flavours this cake is packed with there's bosc pears, cranberries, Jack Daniel's infused caramel glaze. This is the perfect dessert cake to indulge in after a hearty winter meal. 
So as winter draws ever closer, now is the time to stock up on cake decorations, sugarcraft, fondant icingcake decorating equipment & cake mix, as you prepare to turn your kitchen into a cakey winter wonderland  a cupcake is also a great ideas as well!

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