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9 Frighteningly Awesome Halloween Cakes

With Halloween fast approaching, the shops and people houses will begin to get scarier. Pumpkins, skeletons, terrifying masks & costumes will be everywhere and you may very well become scared of the dark again! It is also the perfect time for bakers and cake decorators to unleash their dark creative side and produce something frightening yet delicious. Cake decorations, cake decorating equipment & talent will be utilised in the kitchen as creepy masterpieces are produced.

So to get you in the mood to be scared, here are 9 frighteningly awesome Halloween cakes that are scary to look at, but you know they'll be delicious to bite in to.


This Dracula & his bride cake is a true masterpiece, made up of intricate details, fiendish touches and perfect decoration. Where do you start? Do you eat the gargoyles, the ghosts or just take a bit out of the spooky tower it's your choice.


Halloween isn't just a time for frights, it is also a time for cuteness. This adorable baby mummy cake is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. For many it will bring back memories of being wrapped in toilet paper by their parents to go trick or treating, while younger members of the family will be drawn towards this beauty of a cake.


This haunted house is almost too perfect to be disturbed by your spoon or knife. The jolly ghosts and cartoonish spiders add some humourous details that will bring a smile to everyones face spoons at the ready, let's see what the house is hiding inside!


There is nothing creepier than rogue eyeballs rolling around, where they shouldn't be. So try tucking into this eyeball and blood covered cake. Can you look them in the eye, before sending them into your stomach?!


There is just somthing fascinating yet creepy about a human skull. We want to look at it more to see where everything is what it actually looks like, but deep down we're also scared it could come to life! This chocolate filled skull is the perfect surprise cake guests may think its just a decoration, but crack it open and enjoy the chocolately delights inside.


When it comes to cake decorating and baking, some people are extremely talented this pumpkin cake is the perfect example of that talent. The use of bright colours, gory details and intricate decorations & designs make this more of a piece of art than a cake but that should not stop you digging in! .


Cake stands full with creatively decorated types of cupcake are a big win for everyone really, and this cake setup really does take the biscuit. Start off at the bottom and eat your way through bat, ghost, pumpkin & skeleton cupcakes before reaching the tasty cake summit.


It is tradition to leave a lit pumpkin outside your house during Halloween, and there is a pretty good chance that it will be visited by some big scary spiders. So how's this for reality this terrifying pumpkin cake and accompanying spiders are all edible and ready for you to eat!


A witch's cauldron is what nightmares are made of. Eyeballs, small children, mystical creatures, potions and many other unknowns are being stirred around in there. While in reality a night spent with a witch, a creepy bubbling cauldron and a burning fire, sounds pretty scary, but this cake does look amazing and ready to devour.
So as we make our way towards Halloween why not use these creepy but delicious cakes as inspiration to produce a creepy cakey delight of your own. Before you start make sure you're stocked up on sugarcraft, fondant icing and a talent for cake decoration. Then come the big day you'll have a cake to scare but also enjoy!
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