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Cake Airbrush Kit

Discover a world of limitless creativity with the extraordinary Cake Airbrush Kit from Windsor Cake Craft! As proud suppliers of premium PME and Colour Splash airbrushing equipment, we present the ultimate solution to elevate your cake decorating to unprecedented levels of artistry.

Within our comprehensive cake airbrush kit, you'll find an extensive array of products, each carefully curated to unlock your imagination and unleash your inner artist. From intricate designs to seamless colour blending, this kit offers endless possibilities to decorate your cakes and other delightful treats with unrivalled precision and finesse.

Quick, easy to use, and incredibly efficient, it ensures your cakes exude a flawless, polished finish that will leave everyone in awe.

Once you've experienced the magic of airbrushing with our kit, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Our range of vibrant colours and top-of-the-line airbrushing equipment opens up a world of creative opportunities, ensuring every cake you make becomes a true work of art.

Cake Airbrush Kit
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Cake Spray Gun

Our Cake Spray Gun is crafted to provide a professional finish to your cakes, leaving them looking flawlessly adorned and ready to impress any audience. From delicate floral arrangements to bold geometric patterns, this versatile tool opens up a world of possibilities for your cake masterpieces.

With its user-friendly design and precise control, the Cake Spray Gun enables you to create intricate patterns, smooth colour gradients, and captivating designs on your cakes. Elevate your cake decorating skills to new heights as you effortlessly bring your imaginative visions to life.

Step into the world of cake decorating excellence with the Cake Spray Gun from Windsor Cake Craft. Embrace the art of airbrushing and take pride in your creations as you watch them mesmerise and delight with every brushstroke.

Choose quality, choose precision choose the Cake Spray Gun and let your cakes become edible works of art.


Can I use regular food colouring in my cake airbrush kit?

Yes, you can use regular food colouring in your cake airbrush kit, but it's essential to dilute it with a suitable liquid, like alcohol or water, to achieve the right consistency.

Can I airbrush buttercream-frosted cakes?

Absolutely! Airbrushing works well on buttercream-frosted cakes. Just ensure the buttercream is thoroughly chilled before airbrushing.

How do I clean my airbrush gun effectively?

To clean your airbrush gun, disassemble it and rinse the components with warm water. Use a soft brush to remove any stubborn colour residue. It's also advisable to use airbrush cleaner for thorough cleaning.

Can I use an airbrush kit for other desserts besides cakes?

Yes, airbrush kits can be used on various desserts, including cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and even pastries.

Is airbrushing safe for consumption?

Yes, airbrushing is safe for consumption when using edible food colours designed specifically for this purpose.

Can I create a glossy finish with my airbrush kit?

Yes, you can achieve a glossy finish by using edible lustre dust or metallic food colours in your airbrush kit.

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