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Being Cake Decorators - our first point of call is our baking tins! We stock a wide range of baking tins to appeal to every customer whether you are baking just once in a while or everyday, our most popular ranges of tins are PME and Silverwood. If you don't fancy baking from a recipe, our cake mixes make delicious, even cakes everytime. We have sold the same formulation of Windsor Cake Mix for over 8 years and it has never let us or our customers down.

Here at Windsor Cake Craft, our baking utensils can help you to bake some of the most beautiful cakes. We supply a complete range of cake making tools to satisfy the demands of various caterers and bakers. With the baking tins, cookie cutters and baking aprons that we supply, we are confident youíll feel right at home in the kitchen, no matter whether youíre making cakes or cookies!

With our help, you can make your kitchen more inspiring, simply check out our range of cake baking tools and equipment below! We provide up to date electricals which enable you to speed up cake decorating. If youíre looking to perfect your signature bake, consider our extensive range of baking utensils. All of the products that we supply in this collection are designed to make it easier for you to make delicious creations.

From our cake making tools, youíre bound to find exactly what youíre looking for because we incorporate only the essentials and provide something suitable for everyone!

Browse our range of cake baking tools and equipment today!
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