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How To Use Beau Products Petal paste

Beau paste has been designed to use straight from the package and therefore will feel soft and pliable. Take the desired amount and knead, please use cornflour to knead. Roll between your hands making it into a sausage shape, fold top to middle and bottom to middle, and roll again between your hands, repeat using a little cornflour, until you are happy to use it.

We have found that you can roll out on a light dusting of cornflour, (take a nappy liner cut in a circle, fill the centre with cornflour, bring up the edges and secure with an elastic band making a little bag of cornflour). Using this for everything from boards to tools. Or use a light smear of petal paste on the board, (not vegetable shortening). Roll out to the correct thickness, and cut out your project. Re-roll pieces not used and cut again you will see the paste responds well to being used again and again. You can roll it until it becomes thin, it feels like silk.

If you would like the paste to be firmer, then you can knead as before and leave to stand for 15 – 30 mins in the air. Then knead again and roll out. When you have finished using the product pop it back into the tub ensuring the lid is on. Or place inside your own airtight container until you need it again. Store away from direct sunlight and at a recommended temperature of 20c. The product can be frozen and does not change its consistency, BUT it must be defrosted at room temperature before using.

If you wish to colour our paste then we recommend that you use the ‘White’ paste. Brilliant white already has white added and is ideal for any project you wish to dust. If you are using the flowerpaste where humidity is present, firstly roll out and cut a test piece of the flowerpaste and leave to dry out 24hours. If it has not hardened to your requirements then you can add gum trag, cmc, tylose powder to the flowerpaste, knead well in and leave to mature for 24 hours.

Beau Products

200g Brilliant White Beau Petal Paste
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