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Beginnerís Guide to Essential Cake Decorating Equipment

Beginnerís Guide to Essential Cake Decorating Equipment

A very popular hobby today is that of cake decorating. People are spending a small fortune on cakes for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, christenings, and more. It is no surprise, therefore, that many are turning their hobby into a lucrative business. For those who enjoy baking and want to make some extra cash, cake decorating may be the route to choose. Alternatively, it may simply be something that people want to try as a hobby, or just to keep themselves busy. Either way, there are certain cake decorating tools that are required; below is our beginnerís guide to what will be needed.

Cake Tins

The most obvious equipment needed for cake decorating is cake tins. You will need to make the cakes that you want to decorate and, depending on how adventurous you plan to be, you may need a few different sizes and shapes. If you are just starting out on your cake decorating adventure, do not go crazy buying every cake tin you lay your eyes on. Buy a couple of sizes and shapes to begin with and if you find that this is your calling in life, you can then move on to buying special moulds and tins for various occasions. Think about the type of cakes you are planning to make. If you are thinking of making layered cakes, then you will need to look for a tin that is quite deep. Alternatively, you can buy shallow tins and layer two cakes on top of one another. Tins with removable bottoms are a good idea as these allow you to release the cake easier.

turntable stand

For absolute ease and convenience when it comes to decorating cakes, a revolving cake stand is a must. This stand will allow you to turn the cake around without you having to become a contortionist. Master bakers use turntable stands when decorating their cakes, so you should start as you mean to go on. You are more likely to find success in your cake decorating if you have the equipment that will make the job easier. Look for a cake stand that has a completely flat edge, as this will make removing the cake much easier.

Fondant Spreaders

If you plan to decorate your cakes with fondant icing, you will need a way of spreading it on to the cake. Special fondant spreaders are available and these will ensure that your fondant is spread in an even layer. A good spreader will have a flat bottom that can reach to the bottom of the cake and will have a good grip as well.

piping bags

If you are hoping to pipe butter-cream icing on to your cake, to make shapes or letters for example, you will need piping bags and a variety of nozzles. You can buy washable piping bags that you can use repeatedly or you can choose to invest in disposable bags instead. Disposable bags are less cost effective but some people prefer them as they find it more convenient to just throw them away when they are finished with them. There is a variety of nozzles available in different shapes and sizes that allow for various effects.

palette knife

A palette knife is used for icing, and the raised handle makes the job much easier than using a spatula. There are many different sizes and styles of knife and the type you buy will depend on the size and type of cake that you are planning to make.

paint brushes

Cake decorating is more than just icing a cake and piping on some swirls. These days, fondant decorations are added to give cakes a unique feel. In order to get the decorations to stick to the cake, it will be necessary to use sugar glue. Special cake brushes are available for this job.

serrated knife

A serrated knife is used to cut cakes into the desired shape or size. These blades have ridges and they will ensure that the cake is not damaged when it is cut.

rolling pins

For fondant, it is necessary to have a rolling pin in order to roll it to the required size. Cake decorating rolling pins are usually made from silicone or plastic rather than wood, as they need to be non-stick. A variety of sizes is available and the size you need will, again, depend on the size of cake you will be decorating.

The above are just a few of the many cake-decorating tools available,
but should be enough to get you started.

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