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Buttercream Techniques

Here are 10 Buttercream Ideas we think you'll love...

There is so much you can do with buttercream!
If you don't believe us, then you need to keep reading. We've put together ten wonderful buttercream cake ideas to help you create the most beautiful and delicious cakes. We apologise in advance if this post leaves you craving buttercream cake immediately.

The Rainbow Cake

There are no set rules or instructions to this cake decorating idea, simply find all the piping tips you have, and different varieties of food colouring, and create a rainbow of buttercream icing. You can do different sizes, different styles, whatever you wish.

Rainbow Swirl

If you want a unique look that would be a massive hit at a children's birthday party, then this is a great option. To achieve the rainbow look, all you need to do is make three sets of buttercream, and drop your choice of food colouring into each of them. Pop them all into a piping bag (focusing on putting each colour onto each side), then add some sparkles and edible stars and you've got rainbow swirls.

Watercolour Effect

By carefully blending different shades of buttercream and spreading them, you can create a wispy colourway that looks like a work of art painted with watercolours. These cakes almost look too good to eat! (We said almost...)

Pushed Petal

This textured piping technique is quite easy to create and very effective. You simply pipe a dollop of buttercream onto the cake and pull the tip of your piping bag in one direction to create the dragged and pulled detail. You can cover a whole cake in less than ten minutes if you keep practising.

Buttercream Ruffles

A classic look for a classic cake. To create these pretty petal ruffles, you need to ever so slightly flare your icing tip towards you so that the rows of ruffles begin to overlap each other. You could do these in two different colours to create a two-toned effect.

Palette Knife Painted

Rather than just smoothing your cake with buttercream why not get creative and utilise different colours to create designs that showcase textures which almost look like oil paintings? The use of palette knives to create tiers with bold painting style patterns or scenes create unique works of art.

Stencilled Buttercream

Some people think that stencils are only for use on fondant-covered cakes; however, if you prepare your cake carefully, it's easy to apply stencilled buttercream over a buttercream-coated cake. Get creative with colour to bring even more fun to your cake.

Pinstipe Buttercream

Did you know that piping isn't the only way to bring stripes to a buttercream cake? Start with a cooled cake that's been iced, then run an icing comb alongside the outside to remove some of the buttercream in even lines. Next, apply a different colour buttercream, and spread it over the cake so it makes its way within the indentations. Lastly, scrape away any extra buttercream to showcase sleek pinstripe lines.

Ombre Buttercream

Rather than frosting your cake with just one selected colour of buttercream, why not use a variety of colours in different shades. You could choose your favourite colours and put the darkest colour on the bottom of the cake and work your way to the top with a lighter colour to create a unique ombre design. When all the colours are in place, you simply smooth the buttercream out to create this look.

Buttercream Rosettes

There is nothing quite as delicate and pretty as a flurry of expertly created buttercream roses or a beautifully piped ruffle tier to add a romantic charm to any cake. To allow the roses to shine, keep the cake subtle with a creamy colour palette and use small bursts of pink or red as your rosettes. To make your roses you will need any large open star tip, and begin in the centre, then slowly move your tip in a circle around the centre point. Do this the whole way around your cake to create a flourished look.

We hope these buttercream cake ideas have inspired you to get into the kitchen to bake. Don't forget to make sure you are up-to-date with all your cake decorating supplies so you can try any of the amazing ideas listed above.We hope these buttercream cake ideas have inspired you to get into the kitchen to bake. Don't forget to make sure you are up-to-date with all your cake decorating supplies so you can try any of the amazing ideas listed above.

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