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Cake Baking Costs on the Rise!

 If you haven't used our cakes before, you may wonder 'Do people actually buy cakes ready baked to decorate themselves?' the answer is YES they most definitely do.

Apart from the fact that some cake decorators don't enjoy baking or might not be very confident with it, there is also a cost (and time!) saving element to buying your sponges ready made.

Just as a rough example, for a 12" sponge cake with 2 layers, we have costed one to bake from scratch and have even surprised ourselves how much it currently costs.

Using the below ingredients makes 1 layer so we would buy double from the supermarket to make our 12" 2 layer cake.

S.R. Flour         1lb 4ozs       (566g x 2) 0.80

Caster sugar     1lb 4ozs       (566g x 2) 1.86

Butter                10oz         (283g x 2) 4.27

Marg                  10oz          (283g x 2) 2.15

Eggs                    10                              2.40

Vanilla Ext       3 teasps    (10ml approx)     45p    

Total price at supermarket 11.93 (prices correct at 15/07/2023)     

How much for your time?

We have your time travelling to and from the supermarket, lets say this is a 5 mile round trip at 45p per mile = 2.25

Energy cost - 45 mins baking, 15 mins to warm the oven - lets say =  1

Labour time - travelling to supermarket and shopping, prepping cake, baking, washing up lets say 1.5 hours in total = 15.63 (at minimum wage)

We're already up to 30.81.

You can buy a 12" 2 layer cake from us for just over 26.

Obviously costs can go up and down, energy or fuel may be more or less, you may already have some ingredients in stock so might not need as much. However, this costing is for the cake itself with NO DECORATION and it is quite eye opening.

Our range of ready made cakes is at its largest ever with 8 different flavours and a choice of shape, size and depth.

We work on a two day turnaround with our cakes with 12 noon being the cut off. So if you order before 12 noon on a Monday, you can expect delivery on the Wednesday. If you are unsure you can request a delivery date in the 'Extra Shipping Instructions' box at the checkout and we can ensure delivery for your chosen date and if there are any problems we will be in touch straight away to let you know.

Browse our range of ready made sponge cakes HERE

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