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Cake Decoration Kit

Indulge in the art of cake decoration with Windsor Cake Craft's remarkable collection of Cake Decorating Kits, each designed to ignite your creativity and elevate your baking prowess.

Among our exceptional offerings, the Deluxe Cake Decorating Kit stands as a true testament to our commitment to excellence. This all-inclusive kit features essential tools such as the PME Tilting Turntable for effortless cake rotation, a Large Rolling Board and a Large Rolling Pin with spacers for flawlessly rolled-out fondant or dough.

With such a comprehensive and exquisite Deluxe Cake Decorating Kit, Windsor Cake Craft invites you to explore the boundless possibilities of cake artistry. A perfect gift for any cake decorator, the variety of kits we offer are sure to bring joy and inspiration to bakers of all levels. These kits could be truly special by presenting your loved ones with the ultimate gift of creativity and imagination.

With an extensive array of themed decorations and tools, this page will infuse your baking with the spirit of the season and add an extra touch of magic to your cakes.

To complete the package and discover more seasonal delights, don't forget to explore Windsor Cake Craft's Seasonal Cake Decorating. 

Cake Decoration Kit

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Cake Decorating Kits for Beginners

Windsor Cake Craft has you covered with an impressive range of Cake Decorating Kits for Beginners. Our carefully curated kits are designed to equip you with the essential tools and equipment needed to kickstart your creative endeavours. Embrace the convenience and versatility of our kits, which include must-haves like the Turntable, Cake Star Modelling Tool Set, Cranked Palette Knife, 12'' Cake Leveller, and 6'' x 3'' PME Round Cake Tin.

With these comprehensive kits at your disposal, you can confidently dive into the art of cake decoration, honing your skills and unleashing your creativity. No need to worry about gathering all the right tools; our beginner-friendly kits have you covered! Whether you're looking to try your hand at fondant modelling or master the art of smooth icing, our kits offer the perfect starting point for your culinary adventures.

Explore our wide variety of starter kits, each tailored to cater to different interests and techniques. From basic essentials to more specialized sets, Windsor Cake Craft ensures you have all the resources to begin your cake decorating journey with confidence.

Don't hesitate to navigate our website to discover more cake decorating tools, cake packages, and everything else you might need to bring your confectionery dreams to life.

At Windsor Cake Craft, we take pride in being your trusted partner as you venture into the sweet and exciting world of cake decorating. Happy baking!


What is included in a typical cake decoration kit?

A standard cake decoration kit usually includes piping tips and bags, spatulas, fondant tools like rolling pins and cutters, cake brushes, and a selection of edible decorations such as sprinkles and pearls.

Can I use a cake decoration kit even if I'm a complete beginner in cake decorating?

Absolutely! Cake decoration kits are specifically designed for beginners, providing all the essential tools and instructions needed to get started in the world of cake decorating.

Are cake decoration kits suitable for children who want to learn cake decorating?

Yes, cake decoration kits are suitable for children interested in learning cake decorating. However, adult supervision is recommended, especially when working with sharp tools or using edible paints.

Can I use a cake decoration kit for cupcakes and other desserts besides cakes?

Absolutely! Many tools in a cake decoration kit, such as piping tips and fondant tools, can be used for cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and various other desserts.

Are cake decoration kits cost-effective compared to buying individual items?

Yes, purchasing a cake decoration kit is generally more cost-effective than buying each item separately, as it provides a range of tools at a reasonable price.

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