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Cake & Cupcake Stand

At Windsor Cake Craft, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of cake decorations to suit every occasion and theme. Among our offerings, you will find an impressive variety of cake and cupcake stands designed to elevate the presentation of your baked creations.

 Our collection features a wide selection of styles, materials, and sizes to accommodate your unique preferences and requirements. From elegant tiered stands for showcasing intricate wedding cakes to playful and colourful options for children's birthday parties, Windsor Cake Craft has the perfect stand to complement your event's ambiance.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that our cake and cupcake stands not only enhance the visual appeal of your desserts but also provide stability and durability for a worry-free experience.

Choose from an array of tier configurations to suit your unique requirements, such as our popular 3-tier cake stand, which is perfect for showcasing your stunning cake or mouth-watering cupcakes. For those interested in a more customized solution, we also offer multi-tiered stands that can be tailored to accommodate any number of delightful treats.

Our cake stands strike the perfect balance between style and functionality, presenting your delectable creations in an attention-grabbing display while ensuring their safety and stability throughout the event. Moreover, our collection features a diverse range of materials, finishes, and designs, making it easier than ever to find a stand that aligns with your event's theme and aesthetics.

Rest assured that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction guarantees that we provide only the best cake stands for any occasion. Allow us to help elevate your celebration with the perfect cake stand, creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Cake & Cupcake Stand

Cake Pillars

Are you ready to take your cake creations to the next level? Introducing our exclusive line of cake separators, specifically designed for breath-taking wedding cakes and special occasions.

Our cake pillars stands are the ultimate embodiment of elegance, featuring meticulously crafted designs and using only the finest materials. With our range of cake separators, you can effortlessly create a show-stopping centrepiece that will leave your guests speechless.

Picture the sheer beauty of your multi-tiered masterpiece, gracefully supported by these exquisite pillars, adding a touch of grandeur to every slice.

Experience the perfect blend of stability and style as our wedding cake separators elevate your confectionary art to new heights. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate each tier, knowing that our pillar cake stands provide the solid foundation your masterpiece deserves.

Unleash your creativity and make your occasion truly unforgettable with our exceptional cake separators.

For those seeking a unique and sophisticated touch, we also offer pillar cake stands and wedding cake pillars to enhance the visual appeal of your displays. By incorporating these elements into your presentation, you can create a visually striking and appealing arrangement.

We recommend carefully choosing the perfect stand or pillar from our extensive range to ensure your cakes captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.


1.      How many cupcakes can fit on a 3-tier stand?

Assuming the stand is a standard size, with a 6" bottom tier, a 8" middle tier, and a 10" top tier, each tier should be able to hold around 12-16 cupcakes with a 2-inch diameter per cupcake. This means that the entire stand should be able to hold between 36 and 48 cupcakes in total. However, it's important to note that these numbers can vary depending on the spacing between cupcakes and the height of each tier. Nevertheless, if you've got a cake stand or cupcake stand at your party, you can rest assured that it should be able to hold plenty of delicious treats for your guests to enjoy!

2.      How to stack a wedding cake with separator plates and pillars?

When it comes to stacking a wedding cake, there are a few key methods to consider. One excellent option is using cake separators and pillars. These specialized components can add both height and stability to your cake, creating an eye-catching and elegant display. With wedding cake separators, you can achieve a layered, multi-tiered look without sacrificing the structural integrity of the cake itself. Pillar cake stands are another popular choice, providing further support and increasing the overall visual impact. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily create a stunning cake display that will be the centrepiece of your wedding reception.

3.      What is cake pillars used for?

Cake pillars are an essential tool in creating stunning wedding cakes. These cylindrical structures are used to provide support to the cake layers placed above them. Typically made of plastic or acrylic, cake pillars can come in a variety of heights to accommodate different cake designs. By using cake pillars, bakers can add visual appeal and dimension to their wedding cakes, creating a show-stopping centrepiece for the special day. These pillars function as both a decorative element and a structural support, ensuring that the cake stays stable and upright throughout the event. Whether you are working on a traditional or modern wedding cake, cake pillars are a crucial part of the process.

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