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Candy Melts

Candy Melts (sometimes called Candy Wafers) are similar to a Melting Chocolate that you can cover cake pops in and drizzles over brownies and cupcakes. White candy melts are our most popular colour and can be coloured using Food Colour Powders or Oil Based Colours. We stock the PME Candy Buttons and Rainbow Dust Colour Melts, both are extremely good quality and melt down easily to form a smooth candy covering for your designs!

Candy Melts

When it comes to making your cake pops pop you need Windsor Cake Crafts edible cake decorations! We have the PME candy buttons and the Rainbow Dust colour melts, each of which is available in various colours.

The candy melts are ideal for cake pops because they have a consistency similar to melted chocolate. They’re easy to use and have been designed to incorporate a long shelf-life, offering you the best value for money.

In addition to this, the candy melts are available in a range of colours, as are the PME candy buttons. The edible decorations are ideal for drizzling and decorating cakes to create a bespoke finish. They can also be moulded to shapes and set quickly.

The candy melts and candy buttons can adapt to your individual requirements, providing you with an enhanced product overall!

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