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Clickstix alphabet                                                                  Flower paste      

PME Lustre spray (optional)                                                  Vegetable fat (Trex)

Rolling out board and rolling pin                                             Corn flour in a muslin bag

Paste food colour (optional)

It is important that the flower paste is brought to working consistency before commencing any work knead a small piece of flower paste with a tiny smear of vegetable fat in the centre of your hand till it stretches like bubble gum.If using Beau products paste you do not need to use vegetable fat

Lightly grease the rolling out board and rolling pin with vegetable fat (Trex). Roll out a piece of flower paste till approx 1/16th inch in thickness.

Lightly dust part of the rolling out board with corn flour. Transfer a piece of the rolled out flower paste onto the dusted area and gently move around to make sure the flower paste can move freely.

Place the alphabet Clickstix on top of the flower paste. Place fingers on the side bars (not the springs or central area) press firmly and move the cutter over the rolling out board. 

Remove the surplus flower paste and press the central area to activate the plunger mechanism

Optional spray the cut out letters with PME edible lustre.

Copyright 2010

By Christine Flinn the author of the above work

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