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Cupcakes have become big business over the past few years. In the UK, we know these small
individual cakes as fairy cakes; they can be decorated with various treats such as icing,
sprinkles, chocolate, coated chocolate beans – the list is endless. Cupcakes got their name
from the fact that they used to be made in small cups. However, nowadays they are more
often made in muffin or cupcake cases, which is more convenient for baking.

Recent Times

Cupcake shops became popular in the States early in the 21st century and the trend seems to
have spread to the rest of the world, with cupcake shops appearing in most major cities. The
popularity of the cakes has been helped by television programmes dedicated entirely to all
things cupcake. There are even cupcake competitions held across the world at which bakers
compete to create stunning new flavours and works of art with these little baked goodies.

Cupcake Facts

There are a number of interesting things that you may not know about cupcakes such as the
fact that many people think they are called cupcakes because, in the US, ingredients are
measured by cup. Here are a few more facts that you may not know:

Every day in the US, the number of cupcakes consumed
amounts to one for every adult. That is a lot of cupcakes!

The largest number of cupcakes eaten at once was 29 in
just 30 seconds!

In the US, there is a National Cupcake Day, which is
celebrated every year on 15th December.

Cupcakes have become hugely popular at weddings, even
replacing the traditional wedding cake at 13% of weddings
The cakes are displayed on specifically designed cupcake
so they are presented to maximum affect.

In 2012, a staggering 770 million cupcakes were eaten in
the US alone.

The world’s first bakery serving only cupcakes is called
Sprinkles; this Beverly Hills establishment began
dispensing cupcakes from a vending machine in their wall
in 2012. People can now get their hands on the famous
cupcakes any time of the day or night, with the vending
machine holding 600 cupcakes.

Some of the weirder flavours of cupcake include zucchini
(courgette), lavender, bacon, marmite caramel, and
meatloaf cupcakes with a mashed potato frosting!

Australians call the cupcake the ‘pattycake’.

In 2009, the largest cupcake was made and it broke
the world record by coming in at an astounding 1,224
pounds (555kg)! This monster of a cupcake contained
2 million calories and measured 4 by 10 feet.

Why Cupcakes are So Popular

The popularity of cupcakes can be attributed to a number of reasons, one being
the fact that they are quick and easy to make. They are very profitable too, with
people paying a small fortune for unique flavours and fabulous decorations.

In recent years, it is common to take a box of cupcakes with a variety of flavours and colours
when visiting. Many individuals love the fact that they are individual so it is not necessary to
buy a large cake that not everyone may enjoy.

Bakeries are getting very creative with their cupcakes too and there are now many fabulous
versions, loved by kids and adults alike. Children’s characters are often seen adorning the top
of a cupcake and gourmet versions are something that everyone with a sweet tooth will love.
Far from being a passing fad, it looks as though cupcakes are here to stay and, hopefully,
bakers will get even more inventive and creative with their flavours and toppings!

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