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Edible Gold & Silver Leaf

Edible Gold & Silver Leaf

Sugarflair Silver Leaf Sheet
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Sugarflair 24 Carat Gold Leaf
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The edible gold leaf is used to decorate cakes and provide the highest levels of precision and detail. The edible gold is made from pure gold as is the edible silver leaf is made from pure silver. We can help you to add a touch of luxury to your cake designs by providing the edible gold leaf and edible silver leaf.

The edible decorations are ideal for chocolate, cupcakes, confectionery and desserts. They are especially decorative and are guaranteed to offer a quality finish.

Here at Windsor Cake Craft, we supply the completely edible gold and silver leaf decorations to create works of art. You’ll find the Edible leaf transfer booklet and the gold leaf booklet within our range of products below, but if you need any further advice or guidance, feel free to speak to one of the experts, here at Windsor Cake Craft.

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