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Cake Decorating Embossers

For that wow factor or that extra personal touch, try using cake embossers. The intricate and textured patterns are simple to use and are super effective. All you have to do is press the embosser down on your sugarpaste layer and the magical image will be printed onto your cake. How easy was that?! 

We currently stock a range of FMM embossers and Purple Cupcake embossers, with the happy birthday embosser or happy anniversary embosser you can cover most eventualities.  Maybe you want something a bit more special, an impressit embosser, brick embosser letter embosser or cobble embosser will fit nicely in to your tool kit.

Cake Decorating Embossers

Try using cake embossers to enhance the decoration of your cakes. Our cake decorating embossers are perfect if you’re looking to make your cakes more personalised, you cannot go wrong with our range of embossers, not only are they easy to use, they’re ideal for beginners and experienced cake makers, alike!

The cake embossers we supply, here at Windsor Cake Craft are suitable for special occasions too, take our Sugarcraft embossers for instance. The Sugarcraft embossers can incorporate personalised messages, whether it be “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”, to make your products more valuable.

Our cake decorating embossers are a must-have for all cake makers, they can help you to provide patterns and intricate details to your cakes, ultimately creating a more elegant finish to your products.

We supply the Sugarcraft embossers in a variety of styles, so you needn’t worry about finding something that suits your individual requirements specifically.

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