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Finishing Touches

As soon as the cake board has been covered with sugarpaste (and before it has skinned over) emboss with an FMM scroll embosser.

Use the palm of your hand to smooth the sugarpaste back into place - so that the 15mm satin ribbon once attached to the edge of the cake drum will lay flat.


Neaten the base of the cake by secure a piece of 10mm satin ribbon attach a small piece of doubled sided Sellotape to one end of the satin ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the cake (Sellotape facing out) and secure the other end of the ribbon to the Sellotape.

Flower paste rope

Roll a thin sausage of flower paste (approx inch in diameter). Press the sausage of paste firmly into the Windsor rope mould (there is no need to dust/grease the mould). Using index finger and thumb pinch the paste to create a central spine (this action should also ensure that the scalloped edge of the mould is visible). Flip the mould over and release the paste from the mould. Pipe a line of royal icing around the base of the cake and attach the flower paste rope. 

Copyright 2010

By Christine Flinn the author of the above work

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