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Flavour in your cakes is of utmost importance. You want to create a cake that people will love and the key to that is a flavour burst. We have a great selection of food flavours, which can be added to your buttercreams, syrups, cake batters and filling for that extra taste. You can get really creative with your flavours, you can invent new ones, try new combinations and find that signature flavour.


Sugarflair Colours Natural Flavouring - Bubblegum  -30g
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Cake flavours are highly important. Adding flavour to your cakes needn’t be difficult, not with our help!

Regardless of whether you want to add flavour to your cake mix, buttercream, syrup or fillings, Windsor Cake Craft have a perfect solution for finding the right flavour. The flavours for cake are extensive; we’re confident something will take your fancy, but here’s just a few that we supply:

·         Butterscotch

·         Raspberry

·         Champagne

·         Salted caramel

·         Marshmallow

·         Bubble-gum.

The cake flavouring essences are ideal for providing your cake with extra taste. The flavourings are easy to use and are especially inventive. You could even use your imagination to combine different flavours, these could either be a traditional combination or something completely unique!

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