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Frosting & Topping

Getting your cupcake frosting and toppings just right is the perfect final touch. A perfectly frosted cupcake, sprinkled with delicious toppings makes you enjoy the tasty cupcake even more, after you've finished marvelling at the amazing decoration. We have a great selection of frosting and topping flavours to choose from.

Click here to check out our Afternoon Tea Cupcake recipes that we used to make a delicious range of afternoon tea themed cupcakes using our frostings and toppings.
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Frosting & Topping

Frosting & Topping

MacPhie Rainbow Vanilla Frosting 5kg

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If you’re looking to provide the perfect finishing touches to your cakes, look no further than our extensive range of cake toppers UK! We supply a wide range of cupcake toppers, here at Windsor Cake Craft, making sure that your cakes are just right!

When it comes to adding decoration to your cakes, you cannot go wrong with the cupcake frosting we have to offer. Cupcake frosting makes your cakes more glamorous and sophisticated. Although cupcake frosting is a simple addition to make to cakes, it can make your cakes much more decorative.

The cupcake toppers we supply are available in a choice of colours, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable for your unique creations. The cake toppers UK include a wide range of flavours and allow you to make your cakes more professional.

Cupcake frosting is ideal for presenting your cakes beautifully but also adding flavour and texture to your creations. The flavours of the toppings we provide include strawberries and cream, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and rainbow vanilla.

Why not make your cakes more sophisticated using the cake toppers we provide, here at Windsor Cake Craft?

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