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How To Throw The Ultimate Superhero Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Superhero Party

Superheroes are dominating the Hollywood blockbusters these days, and it is no surprise that children want to celebrate their birthday parties with a superhero theme. A superhero party is a fun way to celebrate any party, but you may be daunted about preparing for it.

Fortunately, these parties are easy to arrange, and the just involve a bit of creativity.

The best place to start is to decide what theme you want for the party. Your child may have a particular superhero in mind, in which case you can plan the whole party around that superhero. Alternatively, they may simply want a general superhero theme, which may be more suitable if both boys and girls are invited to the party.

You can probably find invitations featuring many of the most popular superheroes, so have a look online to see what you can find. The alternative is to make your own, and if you are inviting about 20 to 30 children this does not have to take up too much time. Find some superhero wrapping paper or old comics along with some coloured paper, and use these to make your own invitations.

The decorations are going to play a key role, and you want them to immediately set the superhero scene as soon as the children arrive. You should be able to find superhero themed balloons, posters, table covers, drawings, hats and other decorations to change the look of the room, so hit the shops and see what you can find.

Food and drink play a large role in any children's birthday party, and there is a surprising amount that you can do to focus on the superhero theme.

Start with the paper plates, cups, place mats, napkins and cutlery. You can either buy these ready decorated with a superhero theme, or make them yourself.

The cake is the centrepiece of the party, so you will want this to have a fun superhero cake decoration. Unless you are skilled at decorating cakes yourself, you may want to order it from a specialist.

Be creative with the other items of food. You can serve up standard birthday food, but give some thought to items such as the ketchup and mayonnaise bottles, which you could decorate with superhero drawings or writing on them in a comic book style. Take inspiration from comic books or get an artist friend to help out if you don't trust your own drawing skills.

There are plenty of ideas for incorporating the superhero theme into your party games. For example, you could set up a super pinata, which is just like a standard pinata but with a superhero makeover. Make sure you fill it with lots of superhero themed toys and sweets.

You could also make superhero masks. Simply cut out some masks for the kids and provide lots of paints, pens, glitter and more so that they can each decorate their own masks. Alternatively, set up a face-painting corner where the children can all take their turn having their face painted.

You could also create variations of classic games, like pin the cloak on the superhero instead of pin the tail on the donkey, or pass the parcel using comic book pages as the paper and where each layer reveals a superhero sweet or toy.

Make sure you send everyone home with a superhero themed party bag. Fill them with toys and sweets that you either decorate yourself or buy ready made, and then you can send everyone home happy.

As long as you get the decorations and the food sorted out, you can enjoy a fantastic party with a superhero theme. Throw in some super themed games, and it will be easy to keep all the children happy. So start planning your superhero party and make it an occasion to remember.
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