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Jam Making

Jam making is a wonderful pass time and hobby.  However, it is also one of the oldest ways of preserving fruit and other garden produce,   To help you along the way we have a range of jam making thermometers, jam funnels, jam jars and staining bags.

Jam Making

Jam making is often a hobby, offering entertainment for the entire family. If youíre looking to preserve fruit, Windsor Cake Craft can provide you with any jam making supplies that you could possibly need, whether it be jars for jam making, a jam funnel or anything else for that matter!

Thereís nothing quite like homemade jam, itís enjoyed all year round, so whether youíre an amateur or an expert, you can be sure to find all of the essential jam making equipment you need to create your jam and to present it in a way thatís modern and decorative, here at Windsor Cake Craft.
We supply a diverse range of jam making supplies to not only make it quick and easy but also making it more enjoyable.

The jars for jam making that we provide at Windsor Cake Craft are available in glass screw jars, breakfast mini jars, conserve and preserve jars, youíre bound to find something to suit the volume of jam you produce, as well as presenting it in a way thatís practical and traditional!

We also supply a full range of cake decorating tools and equipment.

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