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Making A Loopy Bow



Flower paste                                                                         Vegetable fat (Trex)

Egg white                                                                              Rolling out board

Rolling pin                                                                             Windsor spacer rings

Ruler                                                                                     Artist pallet knife

Round cutter (FMM)                                                             Windsor Ribbon Cutter   

4 inch jar lid or cake tin                                                          PME Pearl spray (optional)


Its important that the flower paste is brought to working consistency before commencing any work knead a small piece of flower paste with a tiny smear of vegetable fat, in the centre of your hand, until it stretches like bubble gum.If using Beau products paste do not use vegetable fat

Attach the spacer rings to the rolling pin. Lightly grease (Trex) the rolling pin and rolling out board the grease should not be visible. Roll out the piece of flower paste until it is the same thickness as the spacer rings (i.e. it will not roll out any thinner).

Roll the ribbon cutter over the rolled out flower paste and return the surplus flower paste to a polythene bag (for later use).

Cut the strip of flower paste into 4 inches in length.

Press the two ends together and then pinch the join. Leave the loop to dry for 24 hours


To make a bow you will need:

Approx. 10 x 4 inch lengths loops, 4 x 3 inch lengths loops, 1 x 3 inch length loop, four tails 2 inches in length and one 1 3/16th inch (40 mm) disc

Once the bow pieces are fully dry, make up some gunge (flower paste let down with egg white until it resembles well chewed chewing gum).

Place a small amount of gunge on the disc of flower paste. Place the disc in the centre of the jar lid (or 4 inch cake tin) gunge side up.

NB. the reason for the container is that it prevents the bow from spreading as you assemble it.

Secure five of the larger bow loops to the gunge on the disc (star shape/pattern). Place a small amount of gunge on the remaining bow loops attach the largest loops first and finish with the small loop. Leave the bow in the container until its fully dry (24 hours)


Tip the container and empty the bow out onto your hand.

Make some more gunge and attach the ribbon tails

Optional once the bow is fully set/dry spray with PME edible lustre spray

Copyright 2010

By Christine Flinn the author of the above work

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