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Cake Pop Shop

Cake pops are a trend that have really taken off. These cute little sweet treats are delicious, simple to make and look fabulous. If you really want your cakes to be inspiring and put a smile on your family's face, then the cake pops are perfect.
We stock a range of equipment to help you make the best cake pops.  Anything from cake pop sticks, cake pop straws, fondant coverings, push pops and much, much more. 

Cake Pop Shop

Cake Pop Decorating Kit

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Having taken the cake industry by storm, cake pops are a popular sweet treat which is quick and easy to produce. Here at Windsor Cake Craft, our cake pop shop supplies those all-important components for creating simple, yet effective cake pops. Our range includes cake pop stands, cake pop tools and moulds.

When it comes to making your cakes stand out, you needn’t look any further than our cake pop shop. We supply a variety of cake pop accessories including the cake pop coverings to make it easier for you to find something suitable for your tasty treats!

Our cake pop supplies make it more convenient for you to customise your products and personalise them.
For creative and imaginative cake pop accessories, look no further than Windsor Cake Crafts, we have an extensive collection of products below!

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