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Sugar Sheets, Wafer decs & Rice paper

Sugar sheets, rice paper and wafer decorations are great for anyone who is a fan of arts and crafts and cakes. These wonderful edible decorations are a cool way to add some interesting designs to your cakes and cupcakes. One particularly popular trend at the moment is making consumable paper roses and flowers – why not have a go at making some delicious and colourful flowers, to adorn your cake.

Sugar Sheets, Wafer decs & Rice paper

Windsor Cake Craft are suppliers of rice paper and wafer paper. We can help you to make your cake more spectacular by the simple addition of rice paper decorations. Rice paper is the material that flying saucers are made from, the sort that melts on your tongue.

For those who are keen enthusiasts of arts and crafts, you’ll love our edible rice paper. Not only do you get the opportunity to be creative; they’re edible so your customers won’t have to take them off the cake, for consumption!

The addition of rice paper roses has been on the up for many years, it adds interest and makes your cake stand out. The rice paper is easy to use so you needn’t worry about getting to grips with it quickly.

Often, the wafer paper flowers have been pre-designed, but we also supply plain sheets of the rice paper to enable you to incorporate your own design.

The edible rice paper makes an ideal topper for both cakes and cupcakes, it can be crafted to any shape or size.

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