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Ready Made Cakes

We sell excellent quality ready-made cakes since we understand that not everyone has the time to prepare a cake from scratch.

You can get flavourful sponge cakes and fruit cakes that are already made. Simply get a ready-made cake and decorate it to your heart's content if all you want to focus on is the decoration.

Our ready-made cakes to decorate are all baked to perfection, whether you're looking for a fruit cake, a freshly baked cake, or even cupcakes. Windsor Cake Craft has a cake for any event, so you don't have to worry about choosing one from the vast selection listed below!

WINTER COURIER DELIVERY NOTICE:  Please be aware that during the winter period, the couriers can encounter delays with deliveries if there are adverse weather conditions in your area so bear this in mind and allow yourself enough time for the delivery when ordering!

Ready Made Cakes to Buy Online

Ready made cakes come in all shapes and sizes, so youíll never have to worry about not being able to find something that fits your needs.

If you're looking for a cake that maintains freshness and quality, go no further than our selection of ready-made cakes at Windsor Cake Craft because we bake our cakes to order.

If time is of the essence, one of our pre-decorated cakes might offer you a quick fix that will let you design your cakes without effort.

Our ready-made cakes save you the time it would take to bake a cake, allowing you to spend more time decorating your delectable masterpieces.

Each of the ready-to-decorate cakes we provide at Windsor Cake Craft is cooked with the finest ingredients, guaranteeing that they taste just as wonderful as they look.

See our selection of ready made cakes today!

They range from simple circular or square-shaped sponges to intricate tiered cakes, perfect for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Not only are there different shapes available, but there is also an incredible selection of flavours too!

From classic favourites like freshly baked sponge cakes or sample cakes, to sweet success ready made fruit cakes or ready made cupcakes - whatever your tastes may be, there is sure to be something youíll love.

In addition to the variety of ready made cakes available, you can also rest assured knowing that they are freshly baked by experienced bakers who use only the best ingredients. This ensures that the quality of the cake is top notch - no soggy sponges here!

Plus, freshness makes them much easier to work with when it comes time for decorating. So if youíre looking for a delicious and easy way to create beautiful decorated cakes without having to start from scratch each time, then ready made cakes are definitely worth considering.      

Ready-made cakes are also great because they come pre-baked and ready for decorating straight out of the box! All you need is some icing, edible decorations like sprinkles or coloured sugar paste - plus a bit of creativity - and youíre good to go!

You could even use some pre-made decorations like fondant figures or sugar paste cut-outs if you donít feel confident making them yourself. That way all the hard work has already been done for you Ė all thatís left is for you to create something truly unique and delicious! 

Ready to decorate cakes allow you to customize your cake with decorations of your choice. These cakes come pre-made with just the basic layers of cake, so that all you have to do is add decorations such as sprinkles, fresh fruit, chocolate shavings, or anything else you would like.

This type of cake is perfect if you want something unique and personal but donít have the time or skills to make it from scratch.


1.      How to Decorate a Cake?

Jazzing up a ready-made cake can be both fun and effortless with just a few creative touches. To begin, channel your inner artist and contemplate a theme or colour scheme that complements the occasion for which the cake is intended. One idea could be to incorporate fresh fruits, like succulent strawberries or juicy raspberries, seductively arranged atop the cake. Alternatively, you might adorn the cake with delightful candy pieces that not only add a pop of colour but also a delightful crunch. Adding an exquisite dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce can elevate the cake's visual appeal as well. Personalize the ready-made cake with a custom message using store-bought icing or a piece of paper and food-safe ink, delicately placed on the surface. Ultimately, the key to decorating a store-bought cake is to let your imagination run free and remember that the beauty of the finished product lies in the joy it brings to those who devour it.

2.      Can You Buy Ready Made Cake Layers to Decorate?

Imagine walking into a bakery or grocery store and finding the perfect solution to your cake decorating dilemma - ready-made cake layers just waiting to be adorned with your artistic touch! Yes, this dream is a reality as you can now buy pre-made cake layers to decorate, making it easier for both amateur and professional bakers to create stunning masterpieces without the fuss of baking from scratch. These cake layers save a considerable amount of time and effort and allow you to focus on the enjoyable aspect of cake decorating Ė personalizing the design to match the occasion or the recipient's unique taste. Moreover, it's also a great way for those with limited baking skills to explore their creativity and participate in the delightful world of cake decorating. With a myriad of flavours and sizes available, the only limit is your imagination!

3.      How to Decorate a Ready Made Birthday Cake?

Elevating a store-bought birthday cake to a visually stunning and personalized masterpiece is quite the exciting creative challenge, and the best part is, it doesn't take a professional baker to achieve impressive results! All you need is some imagination, a few decorative items and a heaping spoonful of enthusiasm. One option is to begin by choosing a specific theme, like your loved one's favourite colour or character, to inspire your decorations. Gather a selection of visually captivating and mouth-watering candy, fresh berries or edible flowers that coordinate with your chosen theme, and start arranging these on your cake to add pops of colour, texture and taste. Play around with edible shimmer dust or glitter to add a little sparkle, drawing shapes or even the birthday person's age to make it that much more special. You can also elevate the design by placing the cake on a beautiful cake stand, layered with a coordinating ribbon around the base, and finish it all off with personalized candles. Ultimately, what matters most is that you trust your instincts, have fun, and let your love for the birthday person shine through in your unique designs.

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