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Sugarpaste & Marzipan

Both sugarpaste and marzipan are bespoke material.  That is to say, each person has a different material that they either love or hate.  This depends on the taste, hardness and workability. 
Sugarpaste & Marzipan

For making your cakes stand out, you need Renshaw Icing. This ready to roll icing is easy to use and extremely convenient.

The only way to find out whether you like icing is through experimentation; it has a certain flavour that isnít for everyone, but unless you try, youíll never know!

Our ready rolled icing is easy to use and can cover cakes of various sizes and types, whether it be a fruit cake or sponge cake. The Renshaw icing provided, here at Windsor Cake Craft, is becoming increasingly more popular for its taste, hardness and workability.

Windsor Cake Craft offer a choice of colours to suit the requirements of your cake allowing you to make it match perfectly. The Renshaw icing is one of the most common brands of ready to roll icing, itís available in a wide range of weights and colours and is readily available here at Windsor Cake Craft!

Check out our wide range of ready rolled icing!

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