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Ten Scrumptious Cakes from Around the World!

Ten Scrumptious Cakes from Around the World!

Cake is something we all enjoy. You may enjoy eating it after dinner every night or you may be
a secret cake eater while on a diet. Cake is undoubtedly one of life's great pleasures and luckily
for us there is a fantastic range of tasty cakes out there to enjoy. While everyone clearly loves
indulging in the baked delights, there is no real way to tell which cake is the best in the world.

So with that in mind, we have drawn up a list of the top 10 scrumptious cakes from around the world you
can decide for yourself which one is best.

Whisky Dundee Cake Scotland

The Dundee cake is a traditional fruit cake, but with a slight twist. The cake's ingredients include currants,
raisins & cherries, which helps to create a very light texture and rich flavour. The twist comes from the
addition of Scottish whisky to the mix, and almonds are normally added as edible cake decorations.

Tres Leches Cake Mexico

The Tres Leches cake is incredibly popular across the entirety of Mexico. The name originates from the
three types of milk used to make the cake evaporated milk, condensed milk & heavy cream, which the
cake sponge is soaked in before being dished out. Fruit (like a cherry) and whipped cream are often added
as a final flourish.

Pavlova Australia & New Zealand

Everyone's heard of Pavlova, but how many of them know the cake was named after the famous Russian
ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. This meringue cake can be cooked by many different methods but always
contains the traditional cornflour to provide the crisp shell and soft centre, before fruits, kiwis and
strawberries are added as tasty decoration.

Panettone Italy

Panettone, from the north of Italy, is a traditional sweet bread loaf (and has a similar texture to bread), but
is actually classified as a dessert cake. Panettone contains several candied fruits & raisins and is typically
eaten in the week between Christmas and New Year it's a celebratory cake.

Revani Turkey

The Revani cake is packed with flavour. This moist dessert cake contains semolina, a squeeze of lemon and
orange syrup, which is baked together to create a truly pleasant and tasty dish. This particular cake is a
food staple in the national cuisines of both Turkey and Greece.

Mawa Cake India

Not many of you will be familiar with the concept of milk-based cakes, but wait till you here about the
Mawa cakes from India. Mawa cakes are made through the process of cooking milk very slowly so that the
liquid eventually evaporates and solidified milk is left. Cardamom, almonds and cashews are then added, to
provide the flavour boost that has made this cake so popular with the people of Mumbai.

Mochi Japan

The Mochi cakes are not only incredibly tasty, they also include specific ingredients that mean the cakes
can be made into pretty much any shape you want. Mochi cakes are made mainly from rice paste, which
is very easy to mould and when combined with specific ingredients a vast array of different Mochi cake
shapes can be seen.

Galette des Rois France

France's Galette des Rois translates as the 'King's Cake'. This delicious cake is more often than not made
with choux pastry, puffed pastry, a thin layer of sponge cake with cream & fruit, which is baked until it
reaches that perfect toasted look. A historic French tradition has seen this cake eaten only during the first
week of the New Year, but its popularity has meant it is now enjoyed during the whole month of January.

Black Forest Cherry Cake Germany

If you're a chocoholic then this cake from the Black Forest region of south-east Germany is perfect for you.
The Black Forest Cherry Cake is famous across the world & here is why it is made of several layers of
chocolate cake separated by juicy cherries and then topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and
even more cherries for a splash of cake decoration.

Angel Food Cake USA

The angel food cake literally tastes as good as it sounds. The sponge cake has a heavenly, angelic and
light consistency, which tastes better with every mouthful. The scrumptious cake has been enjoyed
since the 19th century and has a distinctive hole in the centre, which is put there by design with the help
of a tube pan.

So next time you're biting into your favourite local cake, remember there are other cakes out there. If
you've never thought about travel before, then maybe the lure of delicious new cakes (made with amazing
cake decorating equipment) on cake stands around the world is something that should be acted upon.

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