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The World of Competitive Cake Decorating

The World of Competitive Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is
becoming big business since more
and more people buying custom-made
cakes for special celebrations such
as (among other things) birthdays, anniversaries,
weddings, and christenings. TV shows such as Cake
Boss and Ace of Cakes have made cake decorating even
more popular, with these specialist bakers creating cakes
shaped into almost anything a person wants.


Cake decorating competitions are also on the rise and those with a talent for cake making and decorating
will enter themselves and their creations into the various competitions in the hope of making a name for
themselves. Anyone with a creative mind and a flair for cake decorating can win some amazing prizes at
cake decorating competitions around the world.


As well as the chance to win prizes, there are other benefits in the world of competitive cake decorating.
One of the biggest is the chance to try out new methods and techniques. Many bakers will have ideas in
their head but may not have the time or the space to try them out at home or at work. However, at cake
decorating competitions, entrants will have the space they need to get creative. In addition, once they
have completed their work of art, they can then take photos that can then be added to their portfolio.
The chance of exposure is probably the main reason that cake decorators enter competitions. Even if
they do not win, potential customers will have seen them, which is a great way to build up business.

Preparations for Cake Decorating Competitions

A lot of preparation goes into cake decorating competitions, with serious entrants making sure they fully
understand the rules of the event before even one cake is baked. Some entrants will be disqualified for
not meeting criteria before any decorating even begins and this is simply because they failed to read
the rules or made assumptions based on a previous competition.
Some competitors will learn everything they can about the judges before the competition starts so that
they can cater to these individual’s specific likes and techniques. However, this is not an ideal strategy if
there are a few judges. Many judges can spot the entrants who have deliberately tried too hard to please
them and, in the grand scheme of things, may not appreciate their efforts!
In the world of competitive cake decorating, there are many serious contenders and these people will
ensure they begin their preparations very early. They will take their time deciding on a theme and may
spend many hours designing a cake that will offer that ‘wow’ factor. These individuals will put a lot of
effort and time into ensuring that their cake design is something that will stand out from the crowd. This
involves a lot of planning and preparation but, for serious contenders, this is essential.

Making an Impression But for the Right Reasons

Cake decorating is an art form; for the talented, it is a way to create something uniquely beautiful.
However, not everyone can create stunning masterpieces such as the ones we see on reality cake
baking shows. When people order cakes for special occasions, they want it to be perfect.
Nevertheless, some cake decorators need to learn how to spell properly before going into the cake
decorating business. An example of this is an order for a cake that should have read ‘Happy
Birthday Sherri’. The cake decorator was asked to spell Sherri with an ‘i’ and did manage to get this
right; however, the cake actually read ‘Happy Birthday Sherri – with an eye’!

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