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Turntables are a key piece of cake decorating equipment and make life much easier. The extra height and turning motion of the turntable allows you to get closer to your cake and grants you 360 degrees access to to the section you need. Any decorating damages or mishaps can be eliminated as you safely turn your cake into position.
We stock a wide range of equipment.  The PME tilting turn table is probably the best seller.  It gives you a reasonably smooth turn with the ability to tilt the cake for ease of working.  The Windsor Heavy duty turntable is bearing mounted so gives near perfect smooth free running,  Also in the range are the PME icing turn table, PME bakers turn table and the FMM Turn table.


FMM Turntable
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PME Tilting Turntable
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Turntables Holding your cake in place whilst you decorate it. Here at Windsor Cake Craft, we supply the cake turntable to make things easier for you, ensuring that you can decorate your cake without compromising its quality.

As cake decorating equipment, the cake decorating turntable is easy to use and can add extra height, making it more convenient for you to ice your cake professionally. Our icing turntable is also perfect for displaying your products in a fashionable manner, providing you with easy access to your cakes.
In terms of presentation, the cake turntable is ideal for protecting cakes whilst they are left on display. At Windsor Cake Craft, we supply the PME tilting turntable to provide you with a practical solution for icing cakes and making sure they look professional.

Our icing turntable assists you in every aspect of cake decorating especially levelling and torting your cake. You can also create icing work along the top and base edges of your cake as well as detailed piped borders.
Choose a cake decorating turntable today!

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