Black Extra Sugarflair Paste Colour


Maximum Concentrated Paste Colour

Why Choose Sugarflair?

A colour range carefully developed over 30 years.

Only the highest quality ingredients used

Concentrated paste food colouring.

Extensive range of colours

Long shelf life (sometimes 2 years!)

42g pot

Sugarflair paste colours come in a small pot with a screw lid. To get the paste out of the tub we recommend using a cocktail stick to take out small amounts of colour. This way you can add a little colour at a time and build up the colour if needed.

25g pot, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

To colour Buttercream

Mix your buttercream to a light and fluffy consistency.

Using a cocktail stick add a tiny amount of colour into the mixture and stir in using a spatula.

You will see the colour gradually building.

If you need the colour to be more intense simply pop another couple of drops into the mixture.

Always ensure that you mix with colour fully before you transfer to an icing bag.

To colour Sugarpaste

Knead your icing to a pliable consistency so it is easy to work with.

Using a cocktail stick, add a little colour onto the surface.

Fold over your sugarpaste so the colour is sandwiched in the middle.

Keep folding over until you see the colour beginning to show.

Knead very well to ensure all colour is evenly distributed also that no air bubbles are present.