About Us

Windsor Cake Craft started all the way back in 2004 in a back bedroom with Chris and Nicky designing cake decorating tools and cake stands to bring to the market in the UK. 

Fast forward to now, the next generation of the family business is here.

My Name is Olivia and having worked for the business for the past 16 years, I have acquired the Windsor Cake Craft name and will continue to bring all the best cake decorating products to our customers via our new retail shop in Warrington, online store and also continue our ready made sponge cake bases in an onsite bakery.

I have a young family (two little girls under 2 years old currently!) and I understand the pressures that our customers are facing at the moment with trying to juggle family life and holding up a small business with the rising costs of ingredients, utilities and literally everything else these days.

I'm here to offer genuine, friendly service to both our in store and online customers. I will always strive to offer the best possible prices and products available and I LOVE to talk about cakes. Having grown up in Windsor Cakecraft from working in the shop on a Saturday when I was 16, following the company all through it's highs, lows and trade shows, I have a massive amount of knowledge of the products and the industry as a whole and i'm always up for a chat :) 

If you're local to Warrington - pop in and see us at our new location on Old Liverpool Road. If not, have a look what we have online and feel free to contact us via email or any of our social media pages for advice.