Vanilla Ready Made Sponge Cake


Our vanilla sponge is a beautiful light, melt in the mouth Genoese style sponge. It's perfect for making celebration cakes, stacked cakes or simple afternoon teas. Just choose your preferred shape and size. Each layer of sponge you receive will be baked in it's own tin so there's no need for slicing...unless you would like to.

There's lots more information below so please read through carefully!

Each layer of sponge measures approx. 1.5 inch deep and they are baked in individual cake tins.

Our Vanilla and Chocolate cakes come in 2 layers. If you add x1 to your basket, you will receive 2 layers of cake, if you add x2 you will receive 4 layers and so on.

We bake our cake layers in individual tins of the stated size so shrinkage will occur once cooled.

The sponge cakes will always have at least 2 weeks shelf life when you receive them.

We bake everyday so usually have cakes in stock ready to dispatch, we would always recommend ordering your cake at least one week before you intend to use it just to allow for any delays out of our control.

This cake is not decorated! You will receive your sponge cake ready to decorate yourself.

Our Vanilla cake is perfect for stacking and carving when using the correct supports e.g. dowels, cards, etc..

Does NOT contain a filling. Ready made frosting is available to order

Cake boards and boxes Available to order separately