White Round Cake Drum


Eco Friendly Cake Drum

Take your cakes to the next level with our Next Generation round cake drum boards that are full of eco-goodness. Designed with both bakers and the planet in mind, these masonite cake boards have fantastic qualities to suit every requirement. 

Made from eco-friendly compressed, corrugated cardboard, they’re lightweight but strong. And with a fresh, white high gloss finish, they have a gorgeous polished look - perfect for setting off colourful cakes! In fact, they’re so good-looking there’s no need for a fondant covering, saving you time and money. You can also reuse this round cake drum by simply wiping it clean, you can use this food-safe and environmentally kind cake drum again and again. 

Arriving in a 12mm depth, the latest offering in our new recyclable and sustainable cake packaging line is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful ways of presenting your creations.