Baking Belt 32 x 3" by PME

Level Baking Belts (81 x 7 / 32 x 3”)
  • Bake perfectly Level Moist cakes without any cracks simply by using a Level Baking Belt.
  • Baking a cake should be fun and rewarding but unfortunately on many occasions we may feel disappointed with the results, especially when the cake has risen in the centre or baked with deep cracks on the top.
  • Problems that can create wasted cake and ingredients, along with the frustration and stress of having to re-bake or change the cake design to overcome the problems.
  • The PME Level Baking Belts come in 9 different sizes to give the optimum fitting to any shape cake tin you own.
  • They are quick to assemble with pin-free fastening and provide outstanding results.
  • They work by insulating and reflecting heat coming to the pan from the sides, forcing it instead to rise evenly from base of the tin upwards.

This belt will fit:

Round pan: 3"-8"

Square pan: 3"-6"