Black Edible Pen by Sugarflair


This newly updated product now comes with dual nibs, including both a standard tip and a thicker tip - perfect for adding finer details to cake designs. 

The fine nib produces a finer line of approx. 0.5mm wide, while the wider nib produced a line of up to 4mm wide. Please note, the fineness of the result depends on the weight and pressure applied during use.

The Dual Nib Pens can be used to write and draw directly onto sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, hard white chocolate, gum paste, royal icing and more. Though, a smooth dry surface also guarantees the best results.

Pens last a long time without drying up. However, if they should dry up, we recommend touching up with a small amount of rejuvenator spirit to extend life.