Chocolate Ready Made Sponge Cake


Our Chocolate ready made sponge cake is a rich, devils chocolate recipe and is perfect for all types of occasions such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.

You will receive two separately baked layers of sponge cake which you can then fill with a frosting or filling of your choice and decorate as you wish. If you want to stack your cakes to make a tiered cake we recommend using dowels and cake cards to ensure stability.

There's lots more information below so please read through carefully!

Each layer of sponge measures approx. 1.5 inch deep and they are baked in individual cake tins.

We bake our cake layers in individual tins of the stated size so shrinkage will occur once cooled.

Shelf life at least 2 weeks when you receive your cake but you can freeze your cake for up to 3 months.

We bake everyday so usually have cakes in stock ready to dispatch, we would always recommend ordering your cake at least one week before you intend to use it just to allow for any delays out of our control.

This cake is not decorated! You will receive your sponge cake ready to decorate yourself.