Cupcake Bouquet Box

This product consists of 1 cupcake bouquet box/vase and the exclusive Purple Cupcakes invisiTray insert for 7 cupcakes.
No more fiddling with cups - cocktail sticks, polystyrene - or anything else.
All you do is place the amazing invisiTray on top of your box and sit your cupcakes on. What's more all you see is your stunning creation.

The creations you can make are endless with this fabulous vase for presenting your cupcake bouquets. Accessories for a truly professional finish - include cellophane, tissue paper, ribbons and bows which can be purchased separately.

Perfect for bridal gifts, baby showers, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and all other occasions where you would present a lovely bouquet.

Combine cake and flowers in one perfect gift!