Piping Nozzle Set by Jem - Medium Cupcakes

  • This professional quality 3-piece nozzle set will help you easily create beautifully diverse and grand decorations for your cakes and desserts.
  • Set includes: Nozzle no. 17T - Create beautiful designs for cupcakes; Nozzle no. 1ES - Create lines great for cupcakes and cookies; Nozzle no. 2D - Create drop flowers or swirls or pipe a single rose to enhance cupcakes.
  • Easy to use: Great for the professional or home baker. For best results, use with PME Piping bags or Couplers.
  • Made from high quality seamless stainless steel. Wash these with warm soapy water.
  • Best baking gift: Makes an ideal gift for any baking enthusiast. The packaging opens up with a guide with tips, illustrations and a QR code to scan and view piping instruction videos from our cake decorators