Vintage Piping Nozzle Set by PME

  • Totally Retro: Vintage cakes are currently all the rage. Rewind and recreate the timeless beauty of these classic cakes with the PME Vintage Collection Piping Tip Set with Guide.
  • The vintage set includes six essential nozzles for creating Vintage Cakes (also known as Lambeth cakes): Nozzles for Large shells, Small shells, Small Frills, Drop flowers, Drop loops and Writing. Comes with a detailed piping guide.
  • Give your guests a fun flashback and create all those old timey designs with your classic Vintage Collection Piping Tip Set. Vintage cakes are all about frilly, overly-piped and extravagant tiered designs. Use our array of Vintage nozzles to decadently adorn your creations. 
  • PME Nozzles are made from high quality seamless stainless steel. Easy to clean: Handwash with warm soapy water.
  • Vintage cakes are usually made with buttercream frosting using traditional piping techniques such as swirls, shrills, drop loops, shells, lace, basketweave and frills. Use the detailed piping guide to achieve that elegant Victorian age design.