White Cake Box with Lid in Bulk


Our cake boxes are a practical solution for transporting your cakes safely. The cake boxes are ideal if you need to move the cake from one area to another, it makes sure that the quality of your cake isn’t compromised and that it’s protected.

Here at Windsor Cake Craft, the cake boxes are designed to be food safe, so you needn’t worry about your cake coming into contact with any contaminants! As well as this, the cake boxes enable you to maintain decorative cakes, ensuring that they don’t damage during transportation.

All the cake boxes we sell here at Windsor are ideal for celebrations, they can facilitate almost any sized cake and ensure that they fit securely. The high-quality cake boxes are
exactly what you need if you want your cakes to look more professional and presentable for longer.

Boxes are approx. 5 inches deep and contain the box base and lid.

Box of 50 boxes and lids